The 2nd International Symposium
  on Transportation Soil Engineering
     in Cold Regions

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Keynote Speakers







Prof. Satoshi Akagawa

Frost Heave Properties in Ballast Tracks - Field Observations and Laboratory Experiments

Prof. Evgeny S. Ashpiz

Detection areas of cryogenic deformation of frost heaving and settlement of track at the railways

Dr. Anne-Lise Berggren

Artificial ground freezing a useful tool for difficult ground conditions

Prof. Tuncer Edil

Freeze-Thaw Performance of Chemically Stabilized Natural and Recycled  Highway Materials

Prof. Yuanming Lai

Thermodynamic stability analysis methods and damage prevention techniques of roads in cold regions

Prof. Daichao Sheng

Frost heave damage to airport runways in cold and arid regions - the effects of moisture accumulation under covered areas

Prof. Eun Chul Shin

Field Application of Freezing Technology for Social Infra-Structures

Prof. Tadatsugu Tanaka

Cyclic Behavior of Soils and Numerical Analyses in Cold Region and Seismic Zone

Prof. Askar Zhussupbekov

The experimental investigations of freezing soils at ground conditions of Astana

Prof. Ma Wei

Thermal Interaction of Permafrost Engineering in Qinghai-Tibet Engineering Corridor

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 Program of Symposium